Q. How do dealerships enroll?

A. To sign-up follow this link and enter your dealer code to access the online enrollment form 

Q. How many MBDC local tournaments will take place in 2020?

A. There is a program capacity of 110 local MBDC tournaments. These spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Q. What is the last date to host a tournament?

A. October 16, 2020.

Q. Can I host multiple tournaments?

A. Yes; each additional tournament will have a reduced program fee of $4,000.

Q. Are there any requirements or restrictions associated with hosting an MBDC tournament?

A. Please see MBDC program legal, here.

Q. Is there an age requirement to participate in an MBDC tournament?

A. Yes, all golfers must be at least 21 years old to participate in both an MBDC local tournament and the National Final. No exceptions will be made.

Q. How will my dealership be billed for the MBDC program?

A. Dealerships will be billed on the monthly parts statement. The program fee is charged as two separate fees; one charge for program enrollment, and one charge for gifting which is subject to local sales tax.

Q. What is the procedure for receiving hole-in-one coverage for my tournament?

A. The hole-in-one insurance process has been revised for 2020. Dealer representatives must provide hole number and yardage to MBDC staff representative at least two (2) weeks prior to tournament date. Once the individual local tournament insurance contract is issued, both Dealer Representative and golf course professional must sign contract, acknowledging all terms. Signed contract must be returned no later than one (1) week prior to tournament. If these requirements (along with all requirements in full MBDC Participation Agreement contract) are not met, no hole-in-one insurance will be provided.

Q. I participated in the 2019 National Final at Pinehurst. Can I advance in my local tournament for the 2020 National Final?

A. The no-repeat winner policy has been revised for 2020. Local dealerships will determine if past winners are allowed to advance to the National Final. MBDC staff will following the direction of local dealerships.

Q. When will Test Drive gifts ship?

A. Test Drive gifts will ship in mid-June. Please expect slight delays in shipment until that time.

Q. Can I choose the charity my tournament’s donations will go to?

A. Yes; the host dealership selects a charity to benefit from all donations.

Q. If I have questions not listed here, who can I contact?

A. All tournament questions may be directed to your assigned MBDC representative. For general questions, please email at info@mbdealerchampionships.com, or phone at (855) 574-9259.